Volume 11, 2007

Table of Contents


Thematic Differences in Mission Statements Between Four-Year Public Institutions and Two-Year Colleges in Texas, 11(1) PDF
Jinhao Wang, Angela M. Gibson, Lelia Salinas, Fred Solis, John R. Slate
(Im)moral praxis: Configuring theory and practice of students at risk, 11(2) PDF
Brenda J. McMahon
A Tri-State Study: Administrator Attitudes Toward Online Teacher Preparation Programs: Are Principals Logging On—or Logging Off? 11(3) PDF
John A. Huss
Exploring Principals’ Perceptions of Applications, Benefits, and Barriers of Alberta's SuperNet, 11(4) PDF
Terry Anderson, Jo-An Christiansen
Social Constructivist e-Learning: A Case Study, 11(5) PDF
Michael Barbour, Peter Rich
A Personal Services Paradigm of Teacher Induction, 11(6) PDF
Lorenzo Cherubini
Factors Affecting the Graduation Rates of University Students from Underrepresented Populations, 11(7) PDF
Linda M. Creighton
The Swedish Principal: Leadership Style, Decision-Making Style, and Motivation Profile, 11(8) PDF
Per H. Hansson, Jon Aarum Andersen
Developing Leadership Capacity within the Teaching Ranks: One District’s Approach, 11(9) PDF
David Barnett, Lola Aagaard
Supporting elementary teachers at the ‘chalk face’: A model for in-school professional development, 11(10) PDF
Lisa Kervin
Mexican Parents’ and Teachers’ Views of Effective Elementary Schools, 11(11) PDF
John R. Slate, Craig H. Jones
Connecting Educational Leadership with Multi-Leval Assessment Reform, 11(12) PDF
Louis Volante, Lorenzo Cherubini

Change Articles

Editorial: Changes in teachers’ work and the challenges facing teacher unions, 11(13) PDF
Howard Stevenson
Remodeling Headteachers in England: Is it the end of educational leadership?, 11(14) PDF
Helen M. Gunter, Steve Rayner
'New professionalism,' workforce remodeling and the restructuring of teachers' work, 11(15) PDF
Howard Stevenson, Bob Carter, Rowena Passy
Engaging staff in change-Experiences in Schools in England, 11(16) PDF
Linda Hammersley-Fletcher
Staff well-being: negotiating new organizational realities in schools facing challenging circumstances, 11(17) PDF
Ray Rumsby
Workforce Remodeling and the Limits to 'Permanent Revolution:' Some Responses of English Headteachers, 11(18) PDF
John Bates, Bob Carter
Union Learning Representatives: Facilitating Professional Development for Scottish Teachers, 11(19) PDF
Alex Alexandrou, Jim O' Brien
Teacher Unions, school districts, universities, governments: Time to tango and promote convergence?, 11(20) PDF
Charlie Naylor
Restructuring vocational education and training provision in Australia: Exploring the impact on teachers' work, 11(21) PDF
Pat Forward
New Zealand's Education Reforms: Engendering Changes in the Teacher Unions, 11(22) PDF
Joce Jesson, Gay Simpkin
The Korean Teachers and Educational Workers Union: Collective Rights as the Agency of Social Change, 11(23) PDF
John Synott
Neo-liberalism in British Columbia Education and Teachers' Union Resistance, 11(24) PDF
Wendy Poole

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